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The E- learning course is aimed to people who are engaged in vocational training sistem, such as teachers, trainers, tutors or other figures in contact with the user and his / her learning. Training is the outcome of the EXIA project, funded through Erasmus plus, and its content stems from the results of research conducted within the project on the specificities of VET user learning and stems from  a protocol implemented to meet the training needs of operators of the VEt system to support users in learning. The training is proposed in English, the official language of the project, but a short version of the protocol is presented in the 4 languages ​​of the participating countries: Italian, French, Turkish and Portuguese.
The training consists of video -lessons, slides, articles, official papers and scientific articles. Each user can download them and consult them as they prefer. At the end of the training, a test of learning is planned. if this is overcome, a certificate will be sent to the user that certifies his / her training on issues related to user training in the vocational training.

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