La Régie des Ecrivains was founded in 1992 and has also status of a professional integration enterprise as well as of an adapted enterprise in the field of social and solidarity economy. It is also a training provider. As such, la Régie des Ecrivains employs long-term unemployed people, those leaving prison, single women and people with disabilities. It also provides training services for the low-qualified people.

Its main purpose is to articulate the economic and social performance of the services for the benefit of others, promoting social and professional integration of disadvantaged people, providing trainings in the workplace, facilitating social development of neighbourhoods through raising awareness of the local populations. Aiming at it, we implement socio-professional courses in a professional environment over a period from two to five years, and then we offer skills training and sustainable employment.

 La Régie des Ecrivains is aware of the importance of training social entrepreneurs and technical communities in order to make them understand all the economic, social or environmental obligations in order to help professionals in the disability and integration fields to find sustainable employment.

La Régie des Ecrivains has a large experience in preparation, implementation and management of European projects.

La Régie des Ecrivains has a large network of partners such as training and certification centres (for instance l’INHNI) and social businesses and professional training centres (le Relais AVS, etc.).

The organisation could contribute to the project through information exchange on the management issues and the exchange of best practices in the field of training, formal education, informal and non-formal education.

Mrs. Agnès Guth Costa, Director of the La Régie des Ecrivains, will supervise the implementation of the project, and Edyta Abramowicz, European project manager, will be the contact person and will coordinate the activities in the framework of the project.


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