Kırşehir Provincial Directorship of National Education is the national education directorate at province level and it is responsible towards the Ministry of Education in terms of duties and services. It undertakes education services on the basis of province and districts. It consists of branches, bureaus, permanent boards and commissions according to the characteristics of the service.

Main duties of educational directorates are as follows:

  1. Administrative services
  2. Personnel services
  3. Education – training services
  4. Budget – investment services
  5. Research – planning – statistics services
  6. Inspection – guidance – investigation services
  7. Civil defence services

Those services are related with the project thematic area by means of developing the educational quality in the province and overall country. Especially the department of educational research and development department is searching for innovative solutions for developing the education in the region. These departments are established in the form of branches joined or separated according to the number of staff as national education director of the province or district.

 There has been also many teacher training programs and non-formal education programs run by our organization.

 Kırşehir is a well known city when taking the success indicators in Turkish education like University selection exam and SBS into consideration. OSS 2007 2nd, 2008 and 2009 the 2nd.2010 the first. We want to achieve the same level of success as we had in the framework of education.

 Ministry of National Education Kırşehir Provincial Directorate is an organization which has 247 educational institutions, about 6500 teachers and 45000 students. Our school management is based on the regulations defined by the ministry of education and most of the time insufficient for the needs of the instructions. Our institution will be very eager to be a part of the program which may contribute to the school leaders’ self improvement. The missing competencies most of the time ignored by the public organizations as their effectiveness is not evaluated as that of the private ones. Local activities and services may be improved by the local people who know the needs of the potential beneficiaries located in the region. We can help our leaders define a new strategy to build their own competences in accordance with European counterparts available in the partnership.

 Our institution has carried out 141 EU funded projects, 249 local level projects since 2005 through the research and development unit which is a branch in our administrative structure.

 Parental skills are a step to maintain children and new generations who have self-esteem and trust on themselves. The parents who know how to let their children show their potentials will contribute to the society and themselves through qualified and physiologically stable children. Locally trainings will target the teachers and working parents who can disseminate their knowledge to the others in their environment. Curriculum integration will be the national level impact for the vocational training institution. We really need to learn from other colleagues from EU countries and best experiences sharing will a great contribution for us.

 Our programmes for training will include good practices from the EU partner countries and we will work in the frame of the project so as to ensure the effectiveness of the project. We will have outcomes such as a curriculum, webpage, brochures and a filmed video about the training sessions of the adults. That video will be used in the trainings whenever needed to facilitate the program with multimedia tools. The EU grant which will make the project be implemented will be advertised on our products. We will raise the awareness on the EU mentality in trainings regarding the parental skills taught in other partner countries

 The current statistics and trained adults are far behind the desired levels. Our long term beneficiaries will be the children of the educated parents and most probably through a more professional education they will be the healthy generations of the future. In the trainings target groups are the parents to make them aware of the negative aspects of our work life and social understandings on children. The short-term beneficiaries will be the parents living in our province and in the long run other than its EU side we wish to integrate this into the curriculum of the Ministry of National education adult programmes which may be implemented in other 81 provinces

 Our sub branch ARGE will spread the information which will be worked with over 100 leaders we will work with the other provincial directorates to maintain their awareness on the project and its outcomes. Our main stakeholder will be The Ministry of Education national curriculum programming unit in Ankara, TR

 Our sub branch ARGE will spread the information which will be worked with over 100 leaders from secondary schools through webpage, flyer and booklet. Our potential dissemination may cover the remaining 80 provincial directorates. It will be of a great impact as it may cover about 150000 leaders throughout Turkey.

 We wish to have a work package of cooperation as we need to make the outcomes officially accepted by the Ministry headquarters in Ankara. Our work package will ensure provincial directorate to present an official report outcome to introduce the new techniques developer throughout the project.

 KIRSEHIR MEM will be in charge of the overall coordination of the project. This will include project administration and coordination of partners, communication of between partners and budget allocation to all partners. In this area, KIRSEHIR MEM will provide necessary help and support to all project partners relating to organizational, operational, administrative and financial issues. KIRSEHIR MEM will be responsible for communicating with the EU offices in Brussels. An implementation plan for the project will be prepared at the first transnational group meeting and after approval will be distributed to all partners and monitored. In partnership with all work package leaders, KIRSEHIR MEM will ensure the execution of project outcomes and guarantee the quality of the outputs. KIRSEHIR MEM will also assist the partner 2 to organise and deliver the transnational training.